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Return to the office? Everything you need to get your business safely running again

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As lockdown eases, Brits all around the country are feeling uncertain about going back to work. We’re excited at the prospect of returning to some form of normality after so long. We’re anxious that returning too soon will bring on a second wave. And we’re concerned that our workplaces won’t be the safe environment that we need right now.

As schools, shops, dentists, factories and doctors surgeries open up their doors again, it’s all (gloved) hands on deck to make working environments safe and hygienic in the upcoming months.

We lucky folk at Devstars are still able to make the most of working from home, however as business pushes on, we’re having to make more and more trips into the office. We’re thrilled to join forces with Octink, the UK’s leading signage specialist to raise awareness of proper workplace safety in this brave new post-COVID world.

If you’re reading this article as someone who manages a workplace, or as an employee, here are a few essential actions you can implement or suggest to make your environment as safe as possible.

Keep your distance

That colleague reunion bear hug might have to be an enthusiastic wave for the time being. Just because lockdown is easing up, social distancing is very much still key to staying safe. Keeping the usual 2-metre distance from one person to another will stop germs spreading through coughing, breathing and physical contact.  We have a great range of premium quality wall and floor decals to help staff and customers follow the rules

Sanitiser for your sanity

Keep bottles of antibacterial hand sanitiser all around your office. Around the work area, staff rooms, chill-out zones, kitchens, bathrooms, reception …you get it. Anywhere there are people, make sure there’s sanitiser. We have plenty of Sanitiser solutions to help here

Scrub up on your office cleanliness

Now’s the time to be super hot on workplace hygiene (and maybe start tipping your cleaner). Make sure all worktops and surfaces are wiped down with an antibacterial spray at least once a day. Make sure bathrooms are impeccably clean, and anti-bac spray and wipes should be readily available just in case your extra-careful employees want to clean their work area more regularly. Here is our range of wipes and sanitisers

Space out

Make sure employees aren’t sharing desks or workstations, using the kitchen all at once or crowding in specific parts of the building. Spread people out so much that you give a whole new meaning to an ‘open-plan office’. We have some simple to use stickers to help staff know which areas are ok to use

Rotate your workforce

If your employees are able to work from home, try bringing in certain teams on alternate days so that the office is never at full capacity. This will make a huge difference in reducing risky physical interactions.

Customise the commute

Many London-based companies are implementing cycle-to-work schemes and encouraging staff (if possible) to walk to work. Avoiding busy public transport will not only benefit individuals and businesses, but it’ll put less strain on TFL’s restricted services. Win win, right?

Spread the message

If employees are working hard, it’ll be so easy for them to forget restrictions and slip into past routines. Make sure this doesn’t happen by placing ample safety signs around the office. Reminding people to keep their distance, wash their hands and clean their workstations will help to ensure that everyone stays aware of the situation.

Above all else, it’s important that on returning back to work we remain kind and compassionate towards each other. The lockdown has been tough on many of our friends and family and returning to work will be stressful in ways that we haven’t experienced before. Reach out to those who you feel may be more vulnerable and allow them to take flexible hours or work from home whenever possible.

In this strange time, companies must do everything within their power to make their workplaces safe for their employees. Take the first step towards becoming a company who cares by investing in appropriate signage for the workplace. Our supports The Trussell Trust, while helping to keep your workplace safe.

The Trussell Trust strives to raise awareness of poverty and end UK hunger, and right now we are pledging that 5% of all profits will go towards this important cause at a time when donations are needed most.

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